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:icondarkwolf908: did an artist feature about me:  Random sprite artist featureBecause I need to post something so im not dead. xD
Random advertisement for :iconcollecter128:
He does some really nice sprite work.
He even made me these! Awhile ago but still. xD
I still really like these. xD Even if the robe thing is now "outdated" in her story.
Boop, this too.

So now I'm going to do a feature about her!

Check out this awesome animated pic she did of my new avatar!
Collecters icon by darkwolf908
She does a lot of different art stuff. 
This for example, is her character in Terrain of Magical Expertise style:
Tome Darkwolf by darkwolf908

Here are some sketches she made of one of her characters:
Sketches by darkwolf908
Here is some fanart she made of the cartoon "Deadtime Stories":
Deadtime Stories by darkwolf908
and... here is another character she made:
Ponzo by darkwolf908
If you haven't seen her gallery yet, I suggest you take a look! 

This is the part of my journal where I usually advertise stuff, so I will.
Here are some other things I wanted to mention.
Here is a web comic.
and... uh... I forgot the other things.
Edit: Help neededDoes anyone know how to make Pokemon Trainer Sprites, I really need use some help. A fellow deviant is looking for someone who is experienced at PokemonTrainer Sprites

Possible TODO Stuff:
-Something based on :Gears Armadillo my very own Megaman OC robot by AirWolf-Animatronic
-Something for :iconicepony64:
-Maybe something for :iconsparksterg:
-Maybe something for :iconwriter-cw2:
-?Maybe something base on: Something Awesome I SawDuring a dream:
-Each player starts out with a Grump card (at least one).
-Players attack each other with Joke cards. Joke cards have 6 values, and you roll a Dice to determine how effective the joke was. Some jokes are riskier than others, and have really high values mixed with really low ones.
-Jokes can be played as long as they match the game card currently on the field. Some jokes do not have to match the game card, while others do. 
-Each game card is compatible with several kinds of jokes such as:
Sports game, bad game, old game, can all be on one game card.
-Effect (stuff happens) cards make different things happen when played.
-Challenge cards make one or more players do something or face a penalty (such as playing a good joke, or discarding cards)
I'm not sure what other rules the game would have, but I think people would have a lot of fun with it if it became a thing.
Possible TODO Stuff:
-Something based on :
-Most likely another Minecraft Map.

-Most likely another Minecraft Map.
-Maybe More Art stuff?
-maybe Some sort of papercraft tutorial?
-A Megaman Battle Network Sprite of a combo of two characters
-P3V1-XX + Bonus
-Maybe some sprites for 3/4 obscure Megaman X Characters
-Another transforming robot type papercraft
-Maybe something Megaman X
-MHX Style Armored Armadillo
-MHX Style Launch Octopus
-MHX Style Flame Mammoth
-MHX Style Spark Mandrill
-MHX Style Boomer Kuwanger
-MHX Style Sting Chameleon
-MHX Style D-Rex
-MHX Style Ranga Banga
-MHX Style Wolf Sigma and Velgauder
-Maybe some Pokemon sprite thing
-Darkwolf's Navi - eventually? maybe?
-Maybe updating some old stuff?
-Probably more random stuff I never seem to put into my todo list. Maybe a papercraft revamp? I'm not even sure! How Random!


United States

What do you like the most from my stuff? 

5 deviants said All of it!
3 deviants said Custom/Edited Game Sprites
No deviants said Papercraft
No deviants said Minecraft
No deviants said Story
No deviants said Drawing
No deviants said Journals?


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