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So, after all this time, Moving time is here.
I might not be around when I'm busy with stuff, but I'll still be around when things are less busy (like right now).

Did you know you can make Icecream with only two ingredients?…

When I see people make stuff like this I think: "What sort of witchcraft is this?"
I mean, 2 ingredient Muffins?

When I think of simple recipes, I usually think of stuff like Taco in a bag or Noodle butterscotch Haystack cookies, not fancy baking things like Muffins! 

It's crazy what people can come up with!

Also, the 
z key is not working on my computer for some reason, so I copy paste it.

-Red Ash: Legends:…
-Red Ash: Animated:…

Possible TODO Stuff:
-Something for :iconicepony64:
-Something for :iconsparksterg:
-Something for :iconwriter-cw2:
-?Maybe something base on: Something Awesome I SawDuring a dream:
-Each player starts out with a Grump card (at least one).
-Players attack each other with Joke cards. Joke cards have 6 values, and you roll a Dice to determine how effective the joke was. Some jokes are riskier than others, and have really high values mixed with really low ones.
-Jokes can be played as long as they match the game card currently on the field. Some jokes do not have to match the game card, while others do. 
-Each game card is compatible with several kinds of jokes such as:
Sports game, bad game, old game, can all be on one game card.
-Effect (stuff happens) cards make different things happen when played.
-Challenge cards make one or more players do something or face a penalty (such as playing a good joke, or discarding cards)
I'm not sure what other rules the game would have, but I think people would have a lot of fun with it if it became a thing.
Possible TODO Stuff:
-Something based on :
-Most likely another Minecraft Map.

-Most likely another Minecraft Map.
-Maybe More Art stuff?
-maybe Some sort of papercraft tutorial?
-A Megaman Battle Network Sprite of a combo of two characters
-P3V1-XX + Bonus
-Maybe some sprites for 3/4 obscure Megaman X Characters
-Another transforming robot type papercraft
-Maybe something Megaman X
-MHX Style Armored Armadillo
-MHX Style Launch Octopus
-MHX Style Flame Mammoth
-MHX Style Spark Mandrill
-MHX Style Boomer Kuwanger
-MHX Style Sting Chameleon
-MHX Style D-Rex
-MHX Style Ranga Banga
-MHX Style Wolf Sigma and Velgauder
-Maybe some Pokemon sprite thing
-Darkwolf's Navi - eventually? maybe?
-Maybe updating some old stuff?
-Probably more random stuff I never seem to put into my todo list. Maybe a papercraft revamp? I'm not even sure! How Random!


United States

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