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Now that a lot of the kickstarter -ish stuff in my last journal have closed, I thought it would be a good time to make a new one.

To start off, I heard from another deviant (…) that Korra is now only online which you can watch free…
If you or someone you know stopped watching Avatar the legend of Korra because of the choppiness of the last two seasons, you should really give season 3 a shot. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better now that the crew behind it have all their stuff in order. I suggest you give it another chance to see if you like it or not.

My second order of business is that I posted what my initial impression or One Piece Romance Dawn for the 3DS on a journal a little while ago:…
I want to add some stuff to that, because after playing the game some more I noticed some more stuff good/bad.

Good: Sometimes while playing I noticed some small touches that they added like Mr. 4 having slow word balloons, and other stuff that make the game more interesting. There are some pieces of equipment that change how your character looks, and what element your attacks are.

Bad: The game could have used a lot more variety. More area types or at least recolored textures could have made one tropical island look different from another. I was kind of disappointed when I got to Loguetown and it was just a story cutscene. It would have been cool to adventure during the storm with pirates and navy patrolling the streets.

overall: The game seems like it had a lot of potential, but with missed opportunities make it an okay game rather than a great one. If you have a chance to buy something One Piece and game like, and only want to buy one game, I would suggest you go for Unlimited world R or Grand Adventure.

About the news lately... The actual news. I'm not sure what may happen next. I hope a war doesn't break out, but honestly I'm not that great at describing that sort of news. I suggest that anyone who ignores the news should at least take a peak every now and then to see what's going on. 

I'm better at talking about the other stuff that's going on, like how the new Minecraft snapshots contain optimizations that make the game run a lot better and customize-able  banner flags. 

I can give out semi helpful advice though, like "Drink water. you don't have to stop drinking soda or anything, just make sure that you drink water sometimes during the day." and "I heard from the game grumps that opening a banana by pinching the bottom is easier. I tried it and I agree."

Seriously though, in my opinion One Piece Unlimited World R is really good, and Shovel knight is amazing.

Kickstarter-ish type stuff:
Animation Tool, Animation paper:…
Amazing Optical Illusion Art Book, Pop On…
Comic, Splitting Hares:…
Moa Park:…

Possible TODO Stuff:
-Request from :iconicepony64:
-Maybe More Art stuff?
-maybe Some sort of papercraft tutorial
-A Megaman Battle Network Sprite of a combo of two characters
-P3V1-XX + Bonus
-Maybe some sprites for 3/4 obscure Megaman X Characters
-Another transforming robot type papercraft
-Maybe something Megaman X
-MHX Style Launch Octopus
-MHX Style Flame Mammoth
-MHX Style Spark Mandrill
-MHX Style Armored Armadillo
-MHX Style Boomer Kuwanger
-MHX Style Sting Chameleon
-MHX Style D-Rex
-MHX Style Ranga Banga
-MHX Style Wolf Sigma and Velgauder
-Maybe some Pokemon sprite thing
-Darkwolf's Navi - eventually? maybe?
-Maybe updating some old stuff?
-Probably more random stuff I never seem to put into my todo list. Including a papercraft revamp that is almost done.


United States
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Do you think portions are too large at some fancy resteraunts? 

2 deviants said No, I eat it all.
1 deviant said Yes, they should offer a small version of some stuff.
1 deviant said I don't know, I don't eat at places like that ever.
No deviants said meh, I usually eat the leftovers anyway.


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