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You probably have already seen the Paris attack posted about.

I've said this before, but it is times of uncertainty like these when people need fun and stuff.

A great movie I recommend is Ratatouille.
It's a funny comedy about a rat who wants to be a chef. When a series of events leads him to a famous restaurant though, he might have found more than he expected!

And apparently the 
Qur’an forbids terrorism:……

Mario Maker:
It's actually Auto, don't move?: 1A10-0000-00D6-D469
I wanted to try making an auto stage, since it might be a nice break from the more difficult stuff I have made before. 

Hard Mode, ACTIVATE!: EE8C-0000-00DE-6659
Do you want to play this stage normally, or enter the pipe to try out a harder version? You decide!
Random Feature:
Let's see... Who this time...
War Of Guardians Poster by Loone-Wolf
With some really good mecha concepts, this artist :iconloone-wolf: does a great job making unique designs!

Stuff I want TODO or Finish:

-?Maybe something base on: Something Awesome I SawDuring a dream:
-Each player starts out with a Grump card (at least one).
-Players attack each other with Joke cards. Joke cards have 6 values, and you roll a Dice to determine how effective the joke was. Some jokes are riskier than others, and have really high values mixed with really low ones.
-Jokes can be played as long as they match the game card currently on the field. Some jokes do not have to match the game card, while others do. 
-Each game card is compatible with several kinds of jokes such as:
Sports game, bad game, old game, can all be on one game card.
-Effect (stuff happens) cards make different things happen when played.
-Challenge cards make one or more players do something or face a penalty (such as playing a good joke, or discarding cards)
I'm not sure what other rules the game would have, but I think people would have a lot of fun with it if it became a thing.
Possible TODO Stuff:
-Something based on :
-Most likely another Minecraft Map.

-Finish Temple of Two Minecraft Map
-Upload compilation of Sprite like Texture art From Minecraft Mod?

-Maybe More Hand Drawn Art stuff?
-More Paranormal Investigators Story
-More Papercraft Models of some type
-Probably more Maverick Hunter X Custom Edited Stuff:
  AA, LO, FM, SM, BK, SC, Maybe Fortress Bosses?
-Maybe updating some old stuff?
-Probably more random stuff I never seem to put into my todo list. Maybe a papercraft revamp? I'm not even sure! How Random!


United States

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